Our main goal with the app was to bring the Íslendingabók ("The book of Icelanders", a huge database of Icelandic genealogy) to the smartphones and add some new and exciting features. In addition to the already available search function where you can search for and find out how you are related to any other Icelander we added a birthday calendar to make sure you don't forget your relatives birthday.The app even reminds you on the date to guarantee you won’t forget it.

The other big feature we introduced was the Bump. This feature enables users of the app to bump two phones together to instantly see how they are related. The “Incest Prevention” is a fun feature that the user can enable through the options menu which will notify him with both text and sound if the one he bumps with someone who is too related to him. Our slogan for this feature is: “Bump in the app before you bump in bed”.


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